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George and Mariana have been running Cafolla’s since 2008, prior to this, the Marini family had run this business for over 40 years. We have retained their rissole recipe which has been kept secret for years!

In 2015, we expanded and opened MGA beside The Porter House in Castlebridge and we introduced homemade pizzas, kebabs and a lot more.


Our newest burger is made with prime cuts of chuck brisket topped with the Cafolla and MGA secret sauce.

Cafolla’s and MGA are a traditional Irish Fish & Chip Shop and George and Mariana proudly deliver good quality food to their customers.


Cafolla’s and MGA produce some of the finest burgers, chicken and pizzas around. There are also plenty of other chipper options for you to choose from and meal deals as well!

We are a family run business, helping the local economy, supporting local suppliers and creating jobs.


In 2015 both George and Mariana wanted to give something back to the local community as their way of saying thank you so they set up their Wexford Homeless Fund.

Every day money is donated to the homeless collection and the donations go towards providing daily hot meals for the homeless.



Wexford Town was originally founded by Vikings around 800 AD and it had been named Veisafjǫrðr, meaning "inlet of the mud flats", and the name has changed only slightly into its present form."Vei" in modern Norwegian means "Way". So 'Veisafjǫrðr' could have meant "inlet of the way" or "Way Fjord".

Wexford is steeped in rich history, and each street has it's own unique story. Cafolla's is located located just off lower John Street (named after the Parish of St. John) where the famous Stamps Chipper used to be! Cafolla's is proud to carry on a legacy of fine Irish Takeaway at this iconic location and continue the rich and unique hertigate that Wexford offers. 

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